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LML Limited is the company that changed the face of scootering in India in collaboration with Piaggio.  They have now entered the motorcycle market in collaboration with Daelim of Korea.

Although LML's scooters are no longer badged as Vespa they continue to provide the same high quality scooters under the LML name.

The new LML NV  is loaded with new features such as a bigger taillight, cushioned backrest, new handle bar design, new speedometer, utility box and a larger glove compartment.

LML has just introduced a whole new line of motorcycles to augment its Freedom. The Freedom Prima now has a 125cc version with an option of a 4 or 5 speed gearbox and disc brakes. It also enters the power segment with the all new LML Graptor which is set directly against the Bajaj Pulsar in the power segment.

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