Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Having celebrated its 50th anniversary the bloodline of Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle spans five decades of motorcycling in some of the toughest and most varied terrain the world has to offer.

The Enfield Bullet is still essentially hand made utilising very little assembly line activity. First introduced in Britain in 1949 this classic single cylinder bike has seen minor modifications and major quality improvements since it was first produced in India in 1955.

The recent years have seen the Royal Enfield range sport features such as Transistor Controlled Ignition, Disc Brakes, electric start and gas filled shock absorbers.

The current range of Royal Enfield motorcycles are built on two engine platforms. The classic cast iron engine and the Lean Burn engine developed for Royal Enfield by AVL Austria.

While the Bullet Standard 350 and the Electra 4S and 5S variants use the classic Cast Iron Engine the Machismo and Thunderbird are based on the Lean Burn Aluminium engine. The 500cc variant of the Lean Burn engine was launched on the Machismo 500 in June 2007.

Royal Enfield have recently introduced the Thunderbird with Twin Spark ignition and integrated gearbox. With reduced transmission losses this bike is expected to deliver better performance and fuel effeciency.

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History of the Enfield Bullet
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